Justine McCloskey

Six Mile Lake

Shot on Fujicolor Pro 400H with a Pentax MX.

On a two week sabbatical from the chaos and overstimulation of city life, I discovered something truly profound and magical: everyone was happy again. A quick jaunt north of Barrie proved to be extremely therapeutic for not only my family but my two best friends Yogi and Ringo. Ever since we moved from Shelburne to Leslieville, TO in 2011, the dogs seemed slightly melancholy, and although they adapted, they never quite regained that spirit these country dogs once had. That is, until Six Mile Lake. Suddenly, upon arrival at this magical cottage in the country, Yogi and Ringo awoke from their city slumber and once again returned to that youthful joy of puppyhood. Yogi remembered his love of creating stick piles and barking at water, Ringo enjoyed just roaming around without agenda or anyone tugging at his leash. It was incredibly fun playing their crazy chase games, and it made me feel like a kid again. Now we are back in the city, and as sad as I am to see them bound by the walls and barriers of Toronto, I am so happy they had a chance to rediscover the bliss of freedom and nature, and I want to do my best to give them the fun and freedom they need here when I can. 


Shot on Fujicolor Pro 400H with a Pentax MX.

Spending an entire morning laughing, singing and having a blast did not feel like work to me when I was asked to take photographs and head shots for this lovely guy. Kevin Morris is a gentleman unlike any other. Pure talent and charm just radiates off him, with a rapier wit and taste in music unmatched in present day society. Here is the film component of our morning exploring Leslieville. Keep your eyes and ears open for any production, performance or cabaret that Kevin is involved in. His genius comedy, beautiful voice and timeless charisma are a total throwback to the entertainment legends of the past century!

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