Writer, Director, and Filmmaker

Director's Reel

Director & Creative Lead

Director and Creative Lead of the 2023 Nordica "Your Best Kept Secret... Pass it On" commercial spot/campaign with HUMANCONTACT Inc.

Creative Director - Commercial (with HUMANCONTACT Inc.)

Whispers Mary

A Canada Council for the Arts funded short experimental digital/analog film. Part of the CFMDC Experimental Film catalogue. See the trailer and stills here.

Director - Broadcast Spot for Hollywood Suite (Produced by Cayley James for LIFT)


A short film exploring boundaries and intimacy between long-time friends. See the stills and trailer here.

Blind Bake

In a quietly dystopian world, a woman in isolation seeks memories of connection by making a food best eaten with loved ones: an apple pie. Funded in part by the LIFT Support Grant from the Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto. See the trailer here.

Arkora Cloud Chamber Series

An analog collaboration with Karly McCloskey and Arkora Music. Watch the series here.


Blind dates on the Vernal Equinox are really not recommended. See stills and the trailer here.

Tarte Tatin

A Super8 homage to the French New Wave.

Love Letters to Toronto

Every corner of this city echoes a memory, a story of passion, kinship, and limitless love. Love Letters is a 16mm documentary featuring the stories of 5 women and the places in this city that hold meaning for them. Coming soon.

Winter Thread

A 16mm hand-processed film collaboration with Gwen Cumyn and Shane Dinet. 


A documentary about the humble navel featuring portraits and interviews of 5 beautiful humans with unique stories. See the deck and proof-of-concept here.


Not your typical rom com, Dateline is a dark comedic web series that showcases besties at their most unhinged while dating in the city of Toronto. See the deck here.

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